My Horses

I count mself lucky to have so many fabulous horses in my life. Some I have bred, others I have bought. I am also lucky in that I have enough space here on our wee farm to keep those that are injured or retired.

My serious bay addiction

Here are my horses - all individuals but they run together as a herd on our farm in Fife, Scotland. Mares, geldings, youngsters, competition horses and oldies. they all know where they fit in and it always great to see the social interaction between them.


His Lordship - my giant gentleman

His Lordship is known affectionately as The BFG  as in Roald Dahl's large giant. I bought him in 2018 to bring on as a show jumper fit for a middle aged lady. Due to his huge size he was very slow to mature. As he matured it became clear that there were problems he had grown by the age of 9 to a massive 18hh and he started struggling. He had various treatments for his sacroiliac, ulcers and teeth but sadly he also has three vertebrae which although not at kissing spine level are heading that way. I decided after his treatments were not entirely successful to opt to leave him for a year - so he is currently the world's largest field ornament and I will occasionally pop him in the school to see where I think we are. He just really got too big to be athletic. But there is always hope! Pic Adrian Sinclair Photography


I am riding Amelie in this photo.
I am riding Amelie in this photo.

Amelie - my ugly duckling who turned into a swan...

Don't tell the others but she is my favourite horse, I bred her years ago (she is now 18) The year she was born I also bred the most beautiful filly, Alisha who popped out pretty much a perfect modern sports horse foal. Poor Amelie in comparison, looked like a large carthorse - with a huge head, massive knees and hipster beard. I kept Amelie as there was something about her I just loved. By the well-know stallion Secundus she morphed into a handsome horse with an amazing temperament.

She has possibly the most fantastic jump out of any of the youngsters that I bred around that time. We went on to jump up to Newcomers but sadly a kick that she got to her hock meant an early retirement but she has gone on to breed some wonderful foals for me and will be with me for life.

Malcolm my stunning youngster by Caretino Glory is now 4.
Malcolm my stunning youngster by Caretino Glory is now 4.

Malcolm - my stunning Caretino Glory youngster

Malcolm is by Brendon Stud's Caretino Glory, he is tall, elegant and floaty. He was broken by the fantastic Alastair Grey at the backend of 2021 as a 4-yr-old and is currently picking up the pace as a 5-yr-old. He is still immature body-wise for his age so we will take things slowly as I would like to give him time to mature properly. I am going to keep him, along with my other young horse Arianna and have one final shot at being a show-jumper with them! #wishmeluck


Scarlett and I at our very first show.
Scarlett and I at our very first show.

Scarlett - the mare I almost didn't buy....

This fabulous, quirky little mare has played a big part in my equestrian life over the last few years. I went to see her for sale as a 12-yr-old project (she is now 20) and very nearly didn't buy her. I struggled to get her to actually move with any enthusiasm. She appeared pretty shut down. As my friend and I had driven a fair way to see her I decided that we would pop a fence then leave it at that and head home. She popped a wee fence once then we came to a little upright and she ballooned it just for the sheer hell of it. She had scope to burn. I decided to take a punt on her, didn't bother vetting her, picked her up and brought her home. I have never regretted it as we went on to have a lot of fun together before she bred me a super little filly Arianna who is also rising 5 this year (2022).

After being a broodmare I bought her back into work but as she was never a great traveller and it got worse and worse with her obviously very stressed about it all - so much so that I decided to give her the happy retirement here she deserves.



Arianna - otherwise known as Tank Girl.....

Arianna is my smashing 5-yr-old by Corraghoe Storm a very nice clean jumping modern stamp of an Irish Sports Horse. From the day she popped out she had Scarlett's feisty temperament and inherent bravery.

Standing around 15.2 as a four year old I thought she might be too small for me but she is pretty solid and I think she will hit 16hh finally - just the perfect height for me! She was also broken by Alastair mid summer 21 and I am now riding her away as a 5-yr-old and really just getting her fit and ready for a competition life. Fun, brave and sassy I love her.


Mardi on the day she arrived to now
Mardi on the day she arrived to now

Mardi - The sassy project mare who has become a keeper.....

I saw Mardi on a facebook post and bought her unseen. I did this in the full knowledge that there would be quirks somewhere as she appeared to be a nice looking mare who jumped but was very cheap (always a red flag).

The coloured mare who arrived looked nothing like the photo that I had been sent of a well built mare in good condition. She was scrawny thin and unfit, however even as she traipsed off the lorry there was something about her so she stayed and I am so glad she did!

She actually had a fabulous freaky jump for a heavier mare but also a bad habit of dumping me after a fence with a well practiced move.

After getting her completely checked including X-rays and scans which found nothing - enter Jay Johnson of Pro horse Breaking. He came for four days and over that time he transformed this mare. You can read the story of Jay's visit in my blog post.

Suffice to say Mardi stayed and we got to the point of just starting to compete when circumstances went against us - she had a crashing fall that I witnessed in the field and then corona hit so I decided to put her in foal to Jumped Up Z. The result was a stunning coloured filly Blue. Mardi proved to be a gentle and wonderful broodmare so looks like she has found her forte with me.



Silas and Blue

Silas and Blue are both by the talented young Balcormo stallion Jumped Up Z who is by Jos Van D'abdijoeve and boasts Caretino, Diamant De Semilly and Furioso II in his bloodlines. I love both these foals they are straight, correct and have fabulous temperament. Silas was really seriously ill not long after he was born and ended up in the Dick Vet with a life-threatening blood borne infection which apparently very few foals survive. But survive he did and he and Blue are now stunning yearlings and will grow up here at Airdits.

Zamio - the ex-eventer who still loves to dance
Zamio - the ex-eventer who still loves to dance

Zamio - The brave ex-eventer, who now enjoys life on loan...

Zamio is an older horse as well (17), I bought him a few years ago now as an ex-2*-eventer who had no love for cross country anymore but still enjoyed his show jumping. It became clear not long after I bought him that the reason he didn't enjoy cross country was that he was in pain and found going down-hill in particular difficult. Veterinary investigations found that he had some serious problems in his front fetlocks. A decision was made to operate and remove damaged folds (plica) explained in this link

The operation was a huge success many thanks to the great vets at Loch Leven Equine Practice and Zamio and I had some great times show jumping. However as time wore on it became clear that it was time for an easier life.

He is now on loan to a super young rider who is enjoying learning lots from this wonderful horse who still enjoys some jumping and remembers all his dressage moves. When the time comes he will return here to enjoy a happy retirement.