Ariat Bromont H20 Tall boots

Ariat has a reputation for making great boots that are worth the price tag- well I have totally put this to the test with my Ariat Bromont H20 tall boots over the last four years.

I was lucky enough to be asked to test a pair for a magazine I design for, so I chose a pair of waxed chocolate Tall Bromonts and from the moment they arrived in the box I loved them. I just looked at them for at least a week as they seemed too smart and expensive to survive much tramping about in Scottish mud.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and actually wore them outside. The cut and shape is tall enough for someone with longer legs like me and the fit around the ankle and calf is fantastic – hugging and snug. At first, I only wore them to ride (at that price I thought I should preserve them, but I soon realised they are really tough and pretty much ended up wearing them in winter from dawn to dusk. Man, they are comfortable.

They are easy to take on and off and the zip is strong enough to withstand being pulled up and down even though the zipper line is caked in mud. The icing on the cake for me though is as a Reynauds sufferer (we get mega cold hands and feet) they keep my feet really toasty.

I have had mine for four years now and have thrown everything at them. Mud, rain, snow, riding. They were actually smart enough to compete in when I first got them but they have gone onto endure a life Bear Grylls would be lucky to survive, so they are now starting to look shabby. I now wear them to get ready at winter shows and only put my smarter boots on just before I got on my horse.

Heading into their 5th winter I am heartbroken that one of them has just started to leak in the footbed where your toes crease the boot. Would I recommend these – yes – they are tough, warm well made beautiful riding boots. Will I be buying another pair – yes – ok they are expensive but if you spend a great deal of time riding and doing yard stuff in winter they are defo worth the money.  

They were actually smart enough to compete in when I first got them but they have now endured a life Bear Grylls would be lucky to survive

What I love about them

  • They are beautifully cut
  • They are really tough for a boot that looks pretty elegant
  • They are really, really warm (I literally have to be standing still for ages before I even feel a tingle of cold)
  • They sit well in a stirrup as they are a slim fit around your foot
  • The boots were really comfortable right from the start – no wearing in needed.
  • They are easy to take on and off and the zip is a good strong one that has never let me down.
  • Are they worth the price – yes

Not so keen on

  • Such a small point but pretty much the only thing I could say about these is that on one of my boots the popper at the back of the strap that covers the zip protector is too fierce. When I have really cold hands I have to ask someone else to pop it open for me or resort to pushing a knife in it to pop it open.

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