Tune in to some Brilliant Equestrian Plodcasts!

As the vast library of podcast grows there are loads of brilliant ones to tune into for an equestrian fix through your phone.

Think that podcasts are the preserve of only the young? Not a bit of it. There are some brilliant equestrian podcasts out there – even if you are a digital Luddite grab your nearest teenager (preferably one that you are related too so that the police don’t get involved) and ask them to help you get connected. itunes and Spotify are not only home to your banging 80s playlists but they are also home to some fantastic equestrian plodcasts!

Even if you are a digital Luddite grab your nearest teenager (preferably one that you are related too so that the police don’t get involved) and ask them to help you get connected.”

To give you a head-start here are some of my favourites that you might like to have a listen too as well. Some of the good ones seemed to grind to a halt in 2020 for obvious reasons but hopefully they will pick up their podcasting stride again soon. They are still worth seeking out,

Perfect Equestrian Podcasts

  • Horses in the Morning – this calls itself the world’s number one equine podcast. No idea if it is or not but it is an entertaining US based podcast that claims listeners in 90 countries. Well put together and a lot of fun to listen too no matter where you are.
  • Horse Sport Ireland Podcast – No new episodes since the end of 2020 but plenty of good episodes sitting in their library. From interviews with the likes of William Micklem talking about how he developed his specialist bridles and his newer girth and the science behind them, to talks with Irish high performance riders like Shane Sweetham. Worth a trawl through to find episodes that interest you.
  • Horse Hour Podcast – this is another one that is lacking new episodes but it has been around a long time with lots of episodes that might be of interest. Episodes cover horse welfare, veterinary subjects, BETA, the BHS, interviews with the likes of Roly Owers, Eventer Lauren Blade. I doubt that you won’t find an episode that will be of interest.
  • Equestrian Voices – Noelle Floyd – I love this one it has some brilliant episodes. There is a brand new one out tackling the absolute horse welfare disaster of the. Tons of other topics are covered – you will love this podcast.
  • Young Black Equestrians – The Podcast. Not going to get overly political about this but suffice to say that equestrianism needs podcasts like this! A mixture of interviews and discussions and a brilliant informal style.
  • EquiRatings Eventing podcast – Up-to-date episodes with lots of Tokyo 2020 diary episodes to listen too.
  • The Full Course Showjumping podcast – being a showjumper I really enjoy this one. Again lots of up-to-date episodes including lots of Tokyo chat and round-ups. Brilliant interviews with the likes of Holly Smith, Jack Whitaker and making up your best fantasy show-jumping team. Love this one.
  • Baileys horse feeds podcast – lots of the big brands have podcasts giving advice. This is one of the good ones. Episodes cover all sorts from feeding the horse that ties up to feeding foals and youngsters. Other branded podcasts are available! The Horse Feed UK – this one is not about feeding – no this is a cover-all podcast that you may enjoy. Lots of interesting chats with those running equestrian businesses and companies in the UK.
  • A bit different and worth a listenA one off to end with – The Evolution of Horses – BBC Radio 4 – Enjoyed listening to this. Melvyn Bragg and various guests delve into the origens of horses and their domestication and massive influence on human history. A great listen.

I hope that these give you a headstart into finding your perfect plodcast! Comment if you find one you love that is not listed here

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